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Policy to open the market door again Akiba Green LED lighting industry

Published:2013.10.17 News source:Danyang Hailu Lamps Co., Ltd. Views:

This year , the government issued a series of policy envelopes , LED industry has shown an elated . From this point of view have issued policies and regulations , government policies and subsidies gradually tilted to LED applications . Two years ago, government policy funds to the LED industry upstream tilt, causing excess industrial structure in recent years , the government found that the importance of downstream channels open , so a number of policy "targeting " LED lighting and other applications.

Significantly benefit business according to the sweetness of home lighting gleaned

According to recently released government policies and documents, can be found in the character and direction of policy , the reporter found that the recent LED-related policies and regulations have a common purpose - turn on the LED lighting market. Which, LED commercial lighting obviously benefited.

From the Ministry of Development and Reform Commission issued " on the adjustment of the Thirteenth energy released list of government procurement notice" and the Development and Reform Commission and other six ministries jointly issued the " semiconductor lighting industry, energy planning" content, have emphasized the LED commercial lighting applications promotion. On the one hand , "on the adjustment of energy released thirteenth list of government procurement notice" the LED road / tunnel lighting products, LED downlights , launch self-ballasted LED lights included. On the other hand , " semiconductor lighting industry energy conservation plan " that gradually increase financial subsidies to promote LED lighting products , and gradually promote the use of mature technology, energy-saving effect of LED lighting products , giving priority to promote indoor commercial lighting products and systems. But the above two files have one thing in common : the focus is on the LED lights and LED according to the body . These lamps are mostly concentrated in the field of outdoor lighting and commercial lighting use , not into ordinary people's homes .

However, LED home lighting or tasted some sweetness. National Development and Reform Project Office Lvfang Gong out of incandescent open that promote LED lighting products in 2013 will reach 30 million , covering the types of products includes not only the tunnel lights , street lamps , downlights and spotlights, LED ball this year also added bulb , increased lighting in the civilian market promotion efforts. Subsidies targeted range includes bulk users of indoor lighting , outdoor lighting and bulk users . Indoor lighting which includes government buildings , office buildings, hospitals, hotels , commercial buildings, railway stations, airports and so on. Meanwhile, the official website of the Ministry of public solicitation for "LED Light Bulb Performance Requirements" opinion.

Thus , the government of the LED interior lighting "to force" mainly in commercial lighting and LED lights LED side, but the LED downlights , LED spotlights and LED bulb finalists still be happy .

Policies may " not fit "

That since the purpose of the national policies and regulations , then the reporters have to analyze the government wants to turn on the LED lighting market reasons . Since 2009 , the Chinese government has introduced a number of policies to support and encourage the development of LED industry , such as " Ten City, ten thousand " lighting application engineering , for example, " semiconductor lighting energy industry " in the upstream chip policies. However, the above policy directions finally seems to have reached a dead end , engineering problems, upstream structural overcapacity , by the industry mixed evaluation . Lessons learned , the national government began to shift speed, began to open the blockage of downstream industrial chain , and thus , the last two governments began LED interior lighting applications in force , has released " 2012 annual financial subsidies to promote semiconductor lighting project " , "national basic public service system " second five "plan ", " semiconductor lighting technology development," second five "special plan " to prohibit the import and sale of 100W and above ordinary incandescent lighting and so on.

But debatable is that many domestic LED enterprises rely on price cut corners or reduce production costs to promote LED lighting products, rather than relying on technological innovation and product quality improvement . This makes some of the policies almost become a dead letter .

Perhaps it is because government policies may not meet the actual development of LED industry , will take place in the later " Shenzhen Municipal Government announced the abolition in 2009 introduced the" Shenzhen LED Industry Development Plan ( 2009-2015 ) " " This event . Analysis of the contents of the plan , can be found in part of the contents of the target exists unreasonable, too idealistic , that the saying goes , " put the satellite ." At this time revoke the plan seems to imply that the local government of the LED industry has a more accurate understanding. Some experts pointed out that the event may cause the LED business transferred to other cities in the Pearl River Delta . In this case , Jiangmen , Foshan, Dongguan and other cities is still the same "to force " LED industry , a Fang Lixin , one scrap , and Shenzhen , performance is different. Such as Dongguan through the " Dongguan implementation measures to promote the development of LED industry ," recently published Foshan possible green LED lighting subsidy policy.

Selective "import" foreign policy

China's LED industry policy formulation and the United States, Japan and other countries of the LED industry policies differ. United States and Japan have emphasized the leading technology, compared to Japan's " first technical after-market ," China started late on the LED industry , LED core technology and patents largely by foreign monopoly , and therefore technically impossible to achieve a major breakthrough, although the amount of aspects of China holds a great share , but no advantage on technology and patents .

Japan is the world's first LED industry policy started one of the countries in technological development , the Japanese emphasis on cultivation of the market , so most of them are published policy for the market . While China 's production capacity is relatively large, technology can not go beyond a certain period in other developed countries , but it can in order to win , dominate the market, probably because the Chinese government before choosing a smooth channel , rather than give priority to developing technologies.

Let's look at the United States, from the United States to implement the SSL program can be seen, a change from the previous U.S. policy of simply focus on the technology, now becomes stressed coordinated development. Policy of the United States before the core line LED industry is mainly driven by the market through technological breakthroughs , accelerate the market penetration rate . Now the U.S. LED industry policy focus more, more balanced , that focus on the upstream industry chain development , but also pay attention to the middle and advanced technology manufacturing processes to enhance the use and commercialization of downstream support and proprietary standards development .

Especially the United States and Japan are China 's major export markets LED lighting . Chinese LED enterprises should also understand that Europe and the United States , Japan and South Korea and other countries for the LED industry policy . If this year the U.S. LED lighting TBT notification council against the United States recently released TBT notification LED lamp test procedure commenced deliberations , the test procedure provides for measuring lumen output LED lights , the input power and the relative spectral distribution approach. In addition, the measure also provides LED light lumen maintenance methods to predict LED lamp rated life . The United States formally notified the regulations once implemented , will likely impact on China's LED industry . Therefore, China's LED export enterprises should further strengthen the understanding of foreign policy changes .

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