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How to calculate the lamp base?

Published:2013.10.17 News source:Danyang Hailu Lamps Co., Ltd. Views:
Foundation depth is generally 1/6-1/8 pole height, length and width according to your street lamp type may be, and generally is 600mm-800mm square. In addition there should be four basic embedded screws (minimum not less than M20), embedded screw size is generally 600mm-800mm, do not forget to add embedded PVC casing. As for its resistance to overturning, the first year statistics unto the average wind speed, this can go to the Bureau of Meteorology investigation, and then calculate the poles of the pole itself, plus the pressure of torque, so you know it is based on probably should bear the stress, and then down to the actual measurement of local geological reports, we can know the lights around the base concrete strength required, as to how to deal with, the easiest is to do thirty-seven dust up.
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