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Introduction of energy efficient LED lights advantages

Published:2013.10.17 News source:Danyang Hailu Lamps Co., Ltd. Views:
1000 hours only consume energy efficient degree of electricity ( normal 60W incandescent seventeen hours of electricity consumption , ordinary 10W energy-saving lamps one hundred hours of electricity consumption )
Long life light-emitting semiconductor chips , no filament , no glass bulb , not afraid of vibration, not broken , the service life of up to fifty thousand hours ( incandescent life of only one thousand hours, ordinary energy-saving lamp life is only eight thousand hours )
healthy light contain ultraviolet and infrared , no radiation ( ordinary light contains ultraviolet and infrared )
green mercury and xenon and other harmful elements , conducive to recovery and use, and will not produce electromagnetic interference ( ordinary lamp contains mercury and lead elements , energy-saving lamps, electronic ballasts will produce electromagnetic interference )
protect eyesight DC drive, no flash ( normal lights are AC drive , it will inevitably produce strobe )
High efficiency heat a small, 90 % of the electrical energy into visible light ( 80% of the ordinary incandescent electric energy into heat, only 20% of the electrical energy into light energy )
safety factor required voltage, current smaller, less heat , no security risk, can be used in mines and other dangerous places
market potential low voltage DC power supply , battery, solar power can be used in remote mountainous areas and outdoor lighting such as lack of electricity , less electricity places.
LED is a semiconductor light-emitting diode , LED energy saving lamp is made of high -brightness white light-emitting diodes as a light source , high luminous efficiency , low power consumption , long life, easy to control, maintenance , safety and environmental protection , is a new generation of solid cold light source, than the tube -shaped energy-saving lamps , high brightness, investment Guangyuan , cast light performance , the use of a wide voltage range , the light source through the microcomputer built-in controller can achieve seven colors changing LED light color and soft, bright , colorful, low loss, low energy consumption , environmental protection, for home, shopping malls , banks, hospitals , hotels, restaurants and other public places for a long time lighting. Tubes with incandescent or low compared with fluorescent tubes , LED stability and long life are obvious advantages: incandescent continuous working time can rarely be more than 1000 hours , the use of electronic fluorescent tube drive continuous working time over 8000 hours , but no fault LED can work 50,000 hours or more.
Lamps lighting costs involve not only the initial cost , but also the cost of energy consumed by lighting , lighting does not work , replace the lamps required labor costs , as well as the average frequency of lamp replacement needed . Starting from this concept is easy to understand why the LED light source is 50 times the price of incandescent light sources or so , LED traffic lights in the market began to start, and when it reaches 28 times , had to form new industries. Mainly in the semiconductor lighting light color lighting and special lighting based, general lighting will be expanded later . Specifically , in recent years, semiconductor lighting market will be widely used in a variety of lights, landscape lighting, window lighting , architectural lighting, squares and streets of the landscaping , home decorative lighting, landscaping and public entertainment stage effects lighting. In fact, it has been everywhere around us figure : computer display lights, the phone keypad and screen backlight, automobile taillights , building lighting , traffic lights ...... and so on.
U.S. Department of Energy predicts that by 2010 , the United States will have 55 % of incandescent and fluorescent lamps will be embedded in the chip semiconductor light emitting body --- alternative . Japan plans to 2008 with 50% of the semiconductor light alternative to traditional lighting. Scientists measured and found , in the same brightness , LED power consumption is only the incandescent lamp 1 /10 , life expectancy is 100 times of incandescent lamp . As the LED energy-saving, environmental protection , long life, small size, etc. , the experts called the history of mankind following the incandescent and fluorescent lighting again after the leap.
High-power LED light source lamp , direct access to 100-240V AC power supply environmentally friendly lights. LED produced no ultraviolet , infrared, no heat and radiation , is a typical green light, with the ordinary energy-saving lamps 150W energy savings compared to a year per lamp 503.7kWh. Lamp parts made ​​from aluminum die-casting ; shade is made of high quality tempered glass , with good light and dust waterproof ; Full stainless steel fasteners ; fluorocarbon surface of the product with environmentally friendly powder coating , so that the lamp itself has a good the self-cleaning . Such lamps with safe and reliable ; low power consumption ; long service life . Color Temperature 3200 to 4000K, 120-degree beamwidth , luminous flux 2320 lm . Illumination 17-18Lux / 7 meters lighting range: 12 meters , input voltage: AC 150V-260V, Frequency : 50/60HZ, LED working current : 350Ma, LED lights total power of 50W, 70W, 90W, 120W, 150W. Particularly suitable for gardens , squares and other places.
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