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Development of LED business how to find a way out

Published:2013.10.17 News source:Danyang Hailu Lamps Co., Ltd. Views:

Throughout 2013 LED lighting market is not optimistic , then , less competitive companies will withstand this out tide you ?
By rational thinking , LED lighting is definitely the leader in the future , but according to the current market situation , LED lighting is still not yet reached the level of attainment , or should not be a large-scale appearance , imagine , if there is no government support , if not the world-class exhibition , LED can come in handy do ? The answer is definitely no, because now the LED appears , is a commercial activity , but not spread to the application behavior.
So in this case , LED enterprises should be how to find their own way out of it for the future development ?
Looking for competitiveness is the primary issue . Acts as a commercial cost to study how we can make LED into the family . Competition in this market in the LED , if you want to win , so now is your only bigger and stronger commercial applications , but this is not enough , nor is the ultimate goal , our ultimate goal is to LED popularity. Why I say this , because now doing LED commercial application of the enterprise too much, but their strength is quite strong . Many of our SMEs are generally competitive but they are so only in this difficult environment, LED technology has made the use of strength and will , research, practice and manufacturing. In this wave of business for themselves ready for the application of civil power, seeking to have its own unique path of development.

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