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LED street lightning protection methods

Published:2013.10.17 News source:Danyang Hailu Lamps Co., Ltd. Views:

How to prevent the occurrence of lightning it ? After the study found several ways to guard against damage by lightning lights the most effective way :

1, set the lightning protection zone
LED lights in addition to the current power supplies , it will also set up some communication devices are used to control the lights off and the brightness and power of these devices are to be resettled in the lightning protection zones , protected areas directly affected by the Shell Shield . Here 's electromagnetic field is much weaker .

2 , lightning equipotential bonding
To completely eliminate the damage caused by lightning of potential difference , power lines , signal lines, metal pipes and so use overvoltage protection equipotential connection , each inner protection zone at the interface must also be local equipotential connections, each local equipotential connection to connect to each other , and finally connected with the main equipotential place .

3 , the external and internal lightning protection lightning combined
Now the general exterior LED lights are the conductor material itself is equivalent to a lightning rod , the design must be installed deflectors and ground network , these systems constitute the external lightning protection system . The system can be avoided due to direct lightning caused fires LED lights and personal security incidents. Internal lightning protection system refers to the internal street through the ground , set the voltage protection of equipment and protection. The system prevents lightning overvoltage and other forms of intrusion , resulting in destruction of the power , which is the external lightning protection system can not be guaranteed. Between the two are mutually reinforcing and complementary . Internal lightning protection systems in many devices such as housing , access to protected areas and cable, metal pipes , etc. must be connected to the external lightning protection system or set overvoltage protection, and the equipotential connection.

4 , high-quality protective equipment - Lightning and overvoltage protection module module
SPD 's role is in the shortest possible time ( nanoseconds ) within the system will be connected to the equipotential protection systems, so that each port equipment such potential. While the circuit due to the enormous lightning pulse energy generated by the short route released into the earth, reduce equipment side of the potential difference between the interfaces , which play the role of protective equipment .
LED street lamp power supply module must not only be designed in accordance with the above requirements , and must undergo a rigorous inspection procedures :
1, with a constant voltage output function or with a constant current output capabilities, or both to control both devices should be used GB 19510.12 / IEC61347-2-13 safety standards test.

2, with only control the LED light and dark , flashing , color changing function logic control device should be used GB 19510.12 / IEC61347-2-11 safety standards test.

3 , if a control means of both the above two functions , shall GB 19510.12 / IEC 61347-2-13 standard test safety .
Practice has proved that through scientific design and rigorous testing , not only to ensure that the LED street lighting system are not subject to lightning damage, but also to eliminate the lightning on the power supply common mode and differential mode interference.

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