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Pole routine maintenance is what?

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Pole is the pole height is equal to or greater than 20m, as the city roads and highways , squares , stadiums , airports, ports and other large area lighting, high pole lighting.
High pole lighting with fixed ( single-column or multi- column ) , lift ( electric lift or manual lift ) , hydraulic tilting three types.
The pole is now more commonly used electric lift pole ; lift pole is made lamp, lamp pole and base , lift console, power distribution systems and lightning protection devices and other components .
Pole lighting facilities in the city rather special kind of lighting equipment, its safety and normal use requirements are particularly high , for the Ministry of Construction in 1998 specifically promulgated the " high pole lighting technical conditions " (CJ/T3076 -1998 ) .
High pole lighting, urban lighting in our usual application of engineering construction are not many , but they can not ignore the maintenance of pole , pole safe operation is necessary , so routine maintenance and repair must be right pole of maintenance of special attention. Should be the product manufacturer product instructions relevant provisions of the product regularly maintenance.
Pole routine maintenance of main elements:
1, check the high pole lighting all ferrous metal components ( including poles wall ) hot-dip galvanizing corrosion conditions , locking fasteners measures to meet the requirements ( antiseptic quality should meet GB/T9790, GBJ36011 and GB/T11373 of relevant provisions ) .
2, check the high pole lighting verticality ( must be used regularly as required according to the provisions theodolite for measuring and testing ) , the rod should be slightly less than the allowable error bar high 3 . Pole axis straightness error no larger than rod length 2 .
3, check the poles and the outer surface of the weld have corroded , for experiencing a longer service period but can not be re- replacement , if necessary, the use of ultrasonic , magnetic particle testing and other testing methods for weld inspection and testing .
4, check Medallions mechanical strength, to ensure the safe use of lamp panel , it should be checked for closed Medallions thermal conditions ;
5 , check the lamp bracket fastening bolts , rationally adjust the direction of projection lamps ;
6 , carefully check Medallions inner conductors ( flexible cable or cord ) usage to see whether the wires to excessive mechanical stress , whether there is aging, cracking , exposed wire and other circumstances, such as unsafe phenomenon should be dealt with immediately ;
7 , the damaged light electrical and other components for replacement and repair
8 , focus on examination of lifting Transmission:
( A ) a comprehensive inspection of lifting drive system manual, electric two functions , requires agencies transmission flexible , lift smooth , safe and reliable.
( 2 ) reduction mechanism should be flexible , lightweight, safe and reliable self-locking function . Gear ratio is reasonable, Medallions electric lift the speed should not exceed 6m/min ( Use the stopwatch to measure ) .
( 3 ) check whether the stainless steel wire rope off shares phenomena , such as found firmly replaced.
( 4 ) Check the brake motor , speed shall comply with the relevant design requirements and safety requirements ;
( 5 ) Check the transmission system overload safety clutch and other overload protection device .
( 6 ) Inspection Lamp lift electrical, mechanical stopper, stopper and overtravel limit protection device.
( 7 ) uses a single main rope should be checked to prevent falling accidents Medallions braking or protective device reliability and security. Medallions rope up in place, check automatically linked , decoupling unloading device to ensure hanging , off freely.
( 8 ) Check the rod inside the line , must be fixed securely , without pressure, by folder , damaged phenomenon .
9 , check the power distribution and control equipment
( 1 ) distribution lines and lamp panel lines should be fixed connection .
( 2 ) should be solid and reliable wire connection , no loose off phenomenon.
( 3 ) Check the three-phase load balance and control of night lights .
( 4 ) Check the electrical connections between the possible torsion, bending and vibration effects , should be safe and reliable fixed , no loosening.
10 , electrical safety check on the power line and ground insulation resistance between the case : not less than 10M health ?
11 , earthing and lightning protection installation inspection
( 1 ) metal poles and electrical equipment metal casing should have good protective grounding, grounding resistance meter test with a ground resistance should not exceed 10 Sword own ulterior contempt dimple Sui Yong Guo Yong Dian husbandry Ying Gui Rong Hey tread waves Shan head Lanna Bru dad every incitement Jun ? ( 2 ) check the lightning rod fixed to the case ;
12 , with the horizontal ruler measurement of basal plane of the panel , combined with vertical pole test results , analysis of uneven foundation settlement , and make the appropriate treatment.
13 , regular pole lighting effects for field measurement .

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