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LED industry in the next two years and will continue to occur throughout tide

Published:2013.10.17 News source:Danyang Hailu Lamps Co., Ltd. Views:

2014 LED lighting will grow featuring the main chip , the output value will be almost equal size LED backlight, but from the Chinese and Korean manufacturers of the competition is not reduced, the next two years LED industry will continue to appear horizontal or vertical consolidation tide, chip prices will continue to lower, chip makers only to reduce costs in response .

2014 LED lighting output value will grow twice with vehicle LED chip needs to become the main driving force , NB, smartphone backlight output estimates only unchanged ; he predicts that next year the LED backlight and LED lighting production value up to a ratio of one in 2015, but will grow to 2 times the backlight .

Although the 2014 demand for LED lighting stunning , but the overall LED industry continued price pressure in Jane Tomoto example , nearly two years replace the 60 -watt LED industry actively incandescent light bulbs , LED's price cut all the way from $ 40 to $ 20 , and then fell to $ 10 , the price has not yet stopped at this stage , in addition to price pressure outside , and from the Chinese, Korean LED plant competition is strong Taiwanese greater challenge.

Stop the next 2 years LED industry consolidation wave , in addition to the middle and lower reaches of the consolidation, integration of the industry may also occur , just as past paper industry , from the initial 20 ~ 30 whole and to the current size, in prices under pressure, Taiwan can only be sustained in order to reduce costs in response .

Fabs have from product design, manufacturing process improvements , with a minimum of materials to make high-performance LED, free package wafer , high-pressure HV LED is expected to become two major trends , especially HV LED can replace a power driver IC , not only extend the life of the chip LED bulbs accounted for 30% of the cost can be reduced to 20% , with today's technology can already make products 200 lumens per watt .

Outlook 2014 , the economy will show a fluctuation in the case of upward , as wafer ASP may still maintain this year's decline of about 1 percent.

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