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LED lighting business development analysis

Published:2013.10.17 News source:Danyang Hailu Lamps Co., Ltd. Views:

LED lighting development today by many people outside the industry are optimistic about is an indisputable fact , maybe someone will challenge today's LED will not be the next photovoltaic industry , but I firmly believe that the development of LED industry, the photovoltaic industry has completely different properties , in before the advent of a new generation of light did not disappear ( specific reasons not in this study ) .

Experienced landscape lighting, outdoor lighting development , LED interior lighting to the period of rapid development , specifically for three reasons : First, the favorable policies ; Second, technological upgrading of products , with a cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting products ; Third, consumers LED lighting has become increasingly clear awareness .

Led the establishment of the Ministry of Science since 2003 , " National Semiconductor Lighting Project Coordination Leading Group ," since the state has adopted a series of policies to support the development of LED lighting industry . 2009 , the Ministry launched city of ten thousand semiconductor lighting application engineering pilot. 2011 , the National Development and Reform Commission , Ministry of Commerce , General Administration of Customs , SAIC , AQSIQ jointly issued " on the progressive ban on the import and sale of general lighting incandescent announcement " from October 1, 2012 onwards power phasing out general lighting incandescent lamps. 2012 , the National Development and Reform Commission , Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and organizations, " 2012 /2013 financial subsidies semiconductor lighting products to promote the project ," leveraging LED lighting especially large users lighting applications .

2013 , the National Development and Reform Commission , Ministry of Science , the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing , AQSIQ jointly developed a " semiconductor lighting energy industry plan " clearly promote energy-saving LED lighting industry output average annual growth of about 30% in 2015 to 4500 billion, of which 180 billion yuan LED lighting application products ; forming 10-15 grasp the core technology with independent intellectual property rights and more well-known brand, quality competitive enterprises.

LED lighting cake very very attractive, good market prospects , attracting capital from various quarters began to flock into the field of LED lighting . As technology advances and policy advocacy role generated spiral effect , LED lighting costs continue to reduce product cost has improved significantly. Increasingly high electricity prices , the global policy FMCT ban incandescent , LED lighting technology continues to improve and mature , LED lighting product price increase ...... is driving China LED semiconductor lighting industry, large-scale development by leaps and bounds .

Today, exactly 10 years later, China 's LED lighting industry has made great achievements. LED landscape lighting, stage, film and television lighting, emergency lighting, airport lighting , road lighting and other fields are already quite mature. Indoor lighting R & D , so that LED lighting into the interior areas accelerated.

2013 , LED lighting applications into the interior lighting times , the next three years will usher in a great indoor applications of LED lighting era , will be the LED lighting industry golden period of development . CSC research report also that, LED outbreak has come, " in 2012 in mainland China , although the overall LED output value reached 205.9 billion yuan , of which 159 billion yuan , but the downstream end application belongs , accounting for 77.2% . To 2015 , the global LED lighting market will reach $ 44.2 billion , a penetration rate of 38.6% . "

The past two years , LED lighting products, prices fell more than 30% per year continued to decline , hindering LED large-scale promotion of the price disadvantage is waning . Currently in the terminal market, whether dealers or consumers , for the acceptance of LED lighting products has improved significantly . This also indicates that , LED lighting in the terminal period of explosive growth in the market truly arrived.

LED lighting market demand, the end consumer acceptance gradually, for the LED lighting industry , these are undoubtedly positive signal. In this context , deepening the terminal channel construction has naturally become the focus of LED lighting manufacturers work . From the second half of 2012 , " channel construction " has become a very hot topic . According to industry studies show that although the 2012 domestic LED manufacturers to take channel mode revenue accounted for less than 2 percent, but in the past two years, LED lighting manufacturers have started a channel layout , while also accelerating the transformation of traditional lighting manufacturers to consolidate their own pace channels .

With the initial sales of LED lighting products mainly through the different types of projects , the current LED application products have entered the commercial lighting, office lighting, home lighting market , consumer awareness of the LED is also earlier than market expectations. In this case , LED lighting will be the same as the traditional lighting " who have channels the world ." Deepening the channel rules and layout , build brands, is an urgent matter .

The type of LED lighting business

The first category is a professional LED manufacturer , such as the ground on , really bright , Chau Ming , country star , rectangular , etc. The second category is the traditional lighting or electrical construction -related industries and enterprises, such as NVC , Op, three male , Kamei , Hongyan , etc. the third category is the capital to follow suit enter the LED industry enterprises , the fourth category is purely profit-driven copied by many town living , small workshops.

The fourth class of business is not for analysis , and the third class enterprises rely on lack of good business development of foreign trade , domestic sales success depends on the management team 's philosophy and methods , and the first class enterprises have similarities be discussed later . Focus on the first and second categories the company's future development opportunities.

With the development of our enterprise is one from the enterprise resource capacity and eight kinds of analysis, seven kinds of resources: brand resources, product resources , channel resources, technical resources, financial resources , suppliers , human resources , eight kinds of capabilities : Brand operational capability , research and innovation capacity , marketing management, production and operation capacity , quality management , supplier management, human resource management, resource integration capability .

From the seven kinds of resources point of view, a professional LED manufacturer with industrial and technical resources , suppliers and human resources according to their own accumulation may exist certain advantages may no advantage at all , the lack of a brand and channel resources , and brand and channel resources for the survival of enterprises and has an extremely important role, if the process of development in the industry, branding and channel construction is too slow in the development of the industry will not survive or become a foundry, industrial and technological advantages have only LED enterprises necessary condition for success but not sufficient condition . Do a good job branding and channel construction is a professional LED companies need the ability to quickly learn , in addition to introduction of talents, cultivate their own learning outside the self- change innovation is also important. Because the concept of manufacturing enterprises , investment in the brand overly cautious , slow reaction of the market are all need to constantly change and innovation , or not good service merchants and customers will not be able to establish a brand. For sales force management and incentives, and channel customers benefit sharing determines the quality of corporate channel construction , the existing number of professional LED lighting enterprises are mostly manufacturing enterprises origin, motivate the sales team, and channel development of the concept and methods of are not met, the Company's internal processes and systems do not support business development , to solve these two problems professional LED enterprise success , the reality of the situation, a professional LED companies can develop a good percentage is not high, most enterprises will be eliminated as the market competition .

Traditional lighting companies has a brand and channel resources , relying on short-term advantages of LED products, brands and channels to achieve certain sales , but because of the lack of cost-effective products and good technical capacity products , product lines imperfect, irregular delivery , technical support core infrastructure is not in place , and many other issues placed in front of the traditional lighting companies , if you do not solve the problems related to products and technologies , as companies rely on professional LED products and technology , relying on the brand and channel construction to seize the initiative , the traditional lighting companies will will die . Relying on technological innovation , increase the accumulation of technology to enhance product and technical capabilities of traditional lighting companies to survive, traditional lighting competitive enterprises in order to survive , turned to be fast, decisive decision-making to be , can not see the development of LED lighting tide still cling to the traditional products enterprises will soon be eliminated.

Realistic Thinking and Countermeasures

LED lighting industry in the environment under the influence of an increasingly competitive domestic sales , general sales prices become more transparent . In an open market environment, enterprises and product homogeneity serious , repeated construction , blindly follow the trend , the industry is very unstable state , the majority of enterprises will face the crisis of industry consolidation . Seven from the enterprise of resources needed for development , and eight kinds of ability to analyze their own positioning and strategy is very important , LED lighting product line rich areas covered by broad product categories are landscape , outdoor , indoor, interior products and sub- lamps, luminaires or home , office, industrial and so on. Select a product category on the choice of the enterprise resource matching , from research and development , supply chain , production and brand promotion, channel characteristics, etc. , of each type of product need to match resources to different requirements of the team is also different , used to be a project project work people do not like channel trivial , specializes in channel development and maintenance people would not engineering research, accustomed to project production orders may not adapt to the characteristics of quick service business channels , an enterprise product line selection is best not full coverage , less is often more professional category . Choose their own resources and capabilities match determines the future development of enterprises .

The moment of the LED products generally refer simply to replace traditional lighting products , LED light source has failed to effectively play small, light color -rich, low voltage microelectronic products characteristics, etc. , should be integrated computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology, embedded control technology into digital information products , so that products with semiconductor optoelectronic devices online programming, unlimited upgrades , flexible advantages , both to meet the lighting attributes but also enjoy the exclusive intelligent Control brings personality and fun. Enterprises can seize full advantage of LED products from industry-leading products and technologies will be able to win the natural development opportunities.

Corporate resources and capabilities determines whether a company to be successful, the most central or corporate culture, corporate culture is based on innovation with true meaning and the environment ? Staff development opportunities and platforms really fair ? Employee incentives are valid ? Yesterday successful tradition does not mean that the future of LED lighting business will be successful era yesterday, performed poorly in the traditional lighting industry, what companies can come to the fore in the LED era ? With LED upstream resources in technology and manufacturing enterprises as a fundamental , does not mean that you can apply in the field of LED lighting can produce a good product can have brands and channels, everything is possible , everything is not yet predictable .

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